Dude Playing With Firecrackers Accidentally Sets His Entire Dry Lawn on Fire

"Don't play with fire if you're not willing to get burned." It's a very old and very simple phrase, but one with a surprising number of useful variants. For example, saying "Don't play with firecrackers in 2023 over your dry lawn, if you're not willing to helplessly watch it singe to a crisp," is applicable here.

"Dry grass and fire, what could possibly go wrong?" one person commented sarcastically on Twitter. "Could start a fire," someone else joked. This might be the most egregious example of fire negligence filmed for social media since a guy decided to sled down his stairs in a vodka-fueled fire last year. Both examples finished in fittingly flaming fashion.

"So he set the lawn on fire and his first initial thought was to go get a glass of water?" one person asked. It's a fair criticism; his pathetic extinguishing attempt is the worst since a woman tried to put out a restaurant fire with a single bucket of water. On the bright side, this dehydrated lawn looks like it could have used a controlled burn anyway. 

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