Facebook's Head of Global Community Development Fired after Trying to Meet an Underage Teen Boy

Ever since the days of Chris Hansen and Dateline NBC's 'To Catch a Predator (commonly abbreviated as TCAP) there have been hundreds if not thousands of spin-off vigilante groups whose main goal is to lure in and expose adults who engage in inappropriate interactions with minors. For the most part, these teens and pre-teens aren't usually who the suspect is actually talking to, as it is mostly 'decoys' or an adult pretending to be an underage person similar to how To Catch a Predator did it. As we saw on TCAP in most states that is enough to show intent and is considered a crime in many places, even if the adult never meets up with the decoy.

In the middle of an already tumultuous month for Facebook / Meta (the company's stock value plummeting and Mark Zuckerberg taking 29 Billion dollar loss in his personal wealth) now one of their employees / contractors is bringing some legal heat to the company. Jeren Miles, Meta's Head of Global Community Development, had been talking to a person who identified themselves as a 13-year-old teenage boy named Corey. Miles was actually chatting with decoys and eventually gets confronted by 'Predator Catchers Indianapolis' in a hotel where they claim he was trying to meet up with a 13-year-old boy.

When asked about several explicit comments and conversations Miles had with the 'teen' he appears to admit to most of them eventually despite denying and deflecting initially. The same thing happens when he's initially asked about working for Facebook / Meta. Miles has since removed several of his social media profiles including Twitter, Facebook, and made his Instagram private.

In an article from TechCrunch, Meta / Facebook has since fired Miles in the light of these recent developments.
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