Unsuspecting Crewman Gets the Sac-Tap Seen Around the World

Guys typically have strange bonds with each other. Even the best of buds often can't resist the urge to dish out a little pain and / or humiliation to their "friends". One of the most classic iterations of this is the cup check or sac tap. The most brilliant minds have run all sorts of tests and done countless hours of research and experiments to try and discover why men feel the need to smack each other in the family jewels but to no avail.

In this clip two members of the Haas Formula One racing team are seen on camera watching a live broadcast of other drivers qualifying for an upcoming race. The driver (seen on the left) apparently is aware they are also on television and comes up with a quick plan to deliver a little bit of televised humiliation to one of his pit-crew members. If you have ever been the victim of one of these "love taps" you know the exact pain in the stomach the guy on the left is feeling right about now.
@f1 punchy performance from k-mag #f1 #formula1 #motorsport #kmag @haasf1official ♬ sonido original - Sr. Lucifer
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