Woman Finds Hidden Camera in the Bathroom of Their Airbnb

Kennedy went on vacation with 15 of her friends in celebration of one of their 30th birthdays, but one friend felt suspicious and decided to check the house with a flashlight for hidden cameras. She found a hidden camera in an outlet directly facing the shower, and the police called.

"I was really embarrassed personally," Kennedy joked, "because of the absolutely atrocious things I was doing in the bathroom the night prior."

"You definitely need to sue them," one person commented. "People like that need to be in jail." 

Hidden cameras in AirBnB's have been a well-documented point of discussion of late, and more and more guests are starting to look for them. "I ordered a hidden camera detector on Amazon, it’s super small so I can travel with it," the TikTok user Brittany Xavier commented. She also posted a video testing the device. Hidden camera detectors are selling for under $50 online, with some as cheap as $10. 

Other commenters recommended an app. "First hook your phone into the Airbnb Wi-Fi. Then download the app 'Fing.' Run the app, and it will locate all the devices in that AirBnB." AirBnB is in trouble if they don't solve their hidden camera problem, and drastically increase the average customer experience. As this person put it, "For me, the moral of the story is AirBnB has completely gone downhill and now hotels look pretty nice."

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