Groom Mourns the Single Life By Showing Up to His Wedding in a Coffin

Chances are, you’ve been to at least one wedding. You know the drill. Walking down the aisle, etc. If you don’t live under a rock, there’s a good chance you’ve seen some pretty creative wedding entrances before, too, thanks to YouTube. Jill and Kevin’s Big Day rocked the internet back in 2009 (that was the one to the tune of Chris Brown’s Forever). You’ve heard of people eloping. Getting carried around by guests. Stomping on a glass. Wearing special garb. We’ve come up with all sorts of wild traditions to celebrate the communion of two souls. But you haven’t seen anything like this.

One groom decided he wanted to take his walk down the aisle undertaker-style. A wedding guest captured this viral TikTok of the absurd entrance as seven of his friends carried him up to the altar in a coffin. The on-screen text: “Is this a funeral??” and the hashtag #tildeathdouspart in the caption below.

As to why the groom chose to make such a macabre yet hilarious appearance, we can only speculate. Maybe it has something to do with marriage being the death of his life as a bachelor? Maybe he’s kissing his time and money goodbye? Who knows? The grand display culminates in his rising from the coffin and emerging from behind a line of friends. Dramatic indeed.
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Uploaded 11/16/2022
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