Guy Has to Pretend Girlfriend Hasn't Ruined His Whole Day On Live TV

Every dude knows the feeling. After a hard week at work all you want to do is kick back, crack open a cold one, and watch your favorite team get after it on a Sunday. A whole day of rest and recovery is planned, and then your girlfriend reminds you that today is the perfect day to go do that thing that "we've" wanted to do for a long time and "don't you want to spend some time with me after that hard week?"

Well this guy has found himself on live TV being interviewed at what appears to be some sort of art festival, and seems to be struggling to convince himself that he's having as good a time as he could be having. Complimenting the weather and calling the place a 'vibe' are definitely not going to cut it, and hopefully the grilled cheese can go some distance into mitigating the pain of a face painting as a grown man.

My little brother on the news lol “What a vibe”

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