Scammer Panics After 'Victim' Uses His Information to FIll Out the Refund Form

With the ever-growing use and dependency on the internet, scammers have been going full force on trying to make a dishonest living. There have been hundreds if not thousands of different types of schemes, scams, and attempts to rip people off. In true scumbag fashion, they typically try to target people like the elderly or those who are not very familiar with computers and online safety. Imagine how good these people must feel about themselves scamming some 80-year-old grannie out of her retirement, social security, or fixed income. Most of us are aware of the obvious red flags when dealing with someone online, or a company, but that is not the case for every.

In this video, a guy who received the classic refund scam call decided to get back at the scammers and put a little fear and anxiety in their day. When he gets to the part where you fill out the "online form" to get your refund he uses the information of the scammers at the call center and panic ensues.
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