Beachgoers Witness a Helicopter Crash into the Ocean at Miami Beach

On Saturday, February 19th, a helicopter crashed just a few feet away from swimmers in a crowded stretch of Miami Beach popular among locals and tourists alike in Miami Florida. The helicopter came plummeting down into the ocean waters around 1 p.m. local time (Eastern Standard Time). Beachgoers and bystanders rushed to the scene of the downed aircraft to help free the pilot and passengers aboard the helicopter.

Two of the three passengers aboard the helicopter were taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition, and no one else appeared to be injured. The FAA said in a statement that the helicopter went down "under unknown circumstances." The Miami Beach Police Department said on Twitter that it received a call Saturday afternoon about the crash in the area of South Beach. A video shared by the police captures the helicopter descending over the ocean and crashing into the water as stunned sunbathers, swimmers, and lifeguard personnel watched in horror. The police department said the Federal Aviation Administration is conducting an investigation into the crash.
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