Hospice Nurse Shares Her Unique Insight Into Death

Dying doesn’t have to be scary, a sentiment TokTok’s favorite hospice nurse, Hadley Vlahos, knows all too well.

Vlahos – a.k.a @nursehadley, who has garnered more than 1.4 million followers with her videos candidly discussing death, hospice, and her experiences as an RN –  took to the platform to share an anecdote from her upcoming book, The In-Between, recounting the time she told a dying patient how she overcame her fear of passing on.

“I used to be scared of what comes after death too,” she quipped in her clip, which has amassed more than 1.2 million views in its first day on the site, later elaborating that working as a hospice nurse ultimately changed her mind.

“Taking care of people like you, witnessing people seeing their deceased loved ones, seeing their fears washed away before they passed,” Vlahos explained. “And coincidences, I mean, one or two coincidences are just coincidences but hundreds? I just don’t think that’s a coincidence anymore.”

Citing this interaction as the inspiration behind The In-Between – the patient in question requested she write a book easing others’ worries on death so long as they appeared in it – Vlahos also took care to note that the person in question ultimately experienced a fear-free death.

“Spoiler alert: this patient’s passing was also peaceful,” she captioned the video. “Their fears were, in fact, washed away before they passed.”

@nursehadley Spoiler alert: this patient’s passing was also very peaceful. Their fears were, in fact, washed away before they passed #hospicenurse #theinbetweenbook ♬ keep the rain - searows
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