Cranky Sports Reporter Isn’t Happy He’s Assigned to Cover Winter Storm

This sports reporter from Waterloo Iowa went viral after being assigned to cover the freezing weather outside at three in the morning. Understandably, he was not too pleased about it and let his feelings be known on air.

The reporter, Mark Woodley, relies on emotional pleas over facts to convey his message that it is really cold outside. "The good news is that I can feel my face," he says. "The bad news is I kind of wish I couldn't." Woodley is not afraid to voice his displeasure with the kind of weatherman reporting he's doing. "I didn't realize that there was a 3:30 also in the morning," he says while lamenting the fact that other reporters get a truck while he doesn't. "The outdoors is currently not heated."

Perhaps if more weather reporting were this honest, people would be less inclined to test risky conditions. Instead of relaying the weather, perhaps we just need proof that someone out there is cold as heck.
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