Island Boys and US Army Recruiting Is the Team-Up No One Asked For

This has big "How do you do, fellow kids?" energy.

In a bizarre pairing that absolutely no one asked for, the US Army has apparently paid the Island Boys - a pair of TikTok 'rappers' who were famously booed and clowned on during their first live show - in a bid to bolster their recruitment efforts amongst the younger generation. This follows on the heels of another widely-mocked initiative by the Army to 'girlboss' the concept of being in the military.

The Army has apparently been struggling to recruit in the kinds of numbers it used to do, resulting in a number of initiatives to use messaging that appeals (or rather, what some 40-year-old Army marketing specialist THINKS appeals) to younger audiences. The British Army also recently tried their hand at more "Millennial-friendly" recruitment posters featuring taglines like "Binge Gamers, we need your drive." Needless to say, it was received with mixed reviews. We're pretty sure using the Island Boys - who would literally never, ever make the ranks of even the most desperate armed forces on the planet - isn't exactly gonna do well either.
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