Kid Flirts with Tilly Ramsay Right in Front of Gordon Ramsay, Absolute Legend

Shooters shoot! And when it comes to Tilly Ramsay, little Freddy from Philly was shootin' threes.

In a clip from the hit show 'Masterchef Junior' one of Gordon Ramsay's young chefs has his eye on the real prize; Gordon's Daughter Tilly.

Freddy, a 12-year-old Philadelphia native saw his opportunity and boy did he take it. Not only is Freddy already well on his way to becoming an incredible baker with this perfect take on flavors, "I'm gonna do chocolate and vanilla, because if you don't like one, you like the other one." Brilliant.

But he's also got his mind on more important things; namely getting the girl. Dude shoots his shot with none other than 20-year-old Tilly Ramsay, Gordon's Daughter!!!

"What do you think of American boys?" he asks proudly, and with the swagger of a young John Stamos. Tilly, a bit flustered tries to change the subject asking about Freddy's hometown, and what it's like this time of year. To which our hero responds...

"Would you like to come over, I could show ya." DAMN, FREDDY. Mackin' on Tilly in front of her dad. Bold kid. A BOLD kid. Kudos to Freddy from Philly for laying it all on the line. Kid's going places.
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