Sears Locks Employees out of System, Notifies them Via Zoom Call that they're Fired

This is actual footage from a Zoom call by Sears where they laid off a huge chunk of staff, apparently too large a number to address individually. This video was taken today, December 10, and uploaded by one of the employees on that call, who had more than a few choice words to say in return.

That same employee is actually an EBW user, and let us know that they were part of a group of trainees for the remodeling department, earning less than $700 for their three weeks of training. They were supposed to start receiving a non-training wage - a roughly six-figure income - on Monday.

It's pretty painful to watch, and clearly, the folks at Sears don't keep up with the news because not one of them seemed to be aware of the backlash created by the recent Zoom layoffs over at

While some may argue that layoffs are a part of business cycles, doing so en masse over something as impersonal as a Zoom call is hardly defensible. Sears will likely find itself hard-pressed to be able to put any kind of positive spin on this.
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