Like Father like Son: Steve Irwin’s Son Bit in Face by Same Snake as His Dad

Though the late Steve Irwin and his 19-year-old son Robert Clarence Irwin may be incredible conservationists, neither of them is immune to the sharp-toothed wrath of annoyed snakes.

On Wednesday, June 14, Robert took to Twitter with a blooper proving just how similar he is to his father, who passed away in 2006, sharing clips depicting the pair respectively getting nipped in the face by irritated carpet pythons clearly unaware of their starring role in educational videos. 

“Déjà vu. Dad and me getting bitten by the same species of snake (carpet python) decades apart,” Robert captioned the video. “I found this python on the side of a road, but as you can see, sometimes snake rescues don’t quite go to plan.”

Though fortunately for the father-son duo, carpet pythons are not venomous meaning their bites were likely no more than an inconvenience, Robert, like his dad years earlier, walked away from his snake encounter a bit bloodied, a fate he appeared to take in stride.

“I got a little bit too close and he gave it a bite,” he said, wiping the blood away from his nose.

Let’s hope Robert stays far the hell away from stingrays. 

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