Little Leaguer Hugs Pitcher After Getting Drilled in the Head

The Little League World Series is often full of wholesome moments, and this year's Southwest Regional Championship game between Texas East and Oklahoma offered up another. In the bottom of the first inning with Texas East winning 3 to 2, the Texas pitcher loses control of a fastball that clips the left earflap of this Oklahoma hitter's helmet, sending the helmet flying, and the batter crashing to the ground.

The pitcher is understandably shaken by the play, as the hitter initially seems to be hurt, but moments later he is able to take first base, and then help comfort the pitcher. In a moment of great sportsmanship, the Oklahoma hitter holds no grudge, and hugs the Texas pitcher, showing him that he is ok. The Texas coach comes out to the mound and also does his best to comfort his pitcher.

In the end, hit batters are a part of baseball, and this moment of sportsmanship shows that they don't have to be negative all the time. Hopefully both players continue to learn and grow from this moment, and keep playing for a long time.
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