MAGA Rapper Trump's Nephew Releases Anti-Target Boycott Anthem

With a rainbow bottle of Stella Rosa prosecco in each hand, the famed 'MAGA rapper,' Trump's Nephew, begins his anti-Target rap by being pushed around Target in a shopping cart while wearing a U.S.A shirt.   

Trump's Newphew's collaborator begins his first verse, which includes references to a Target boycott by saying, "They put a Target on my back but they are targeting your kids."

The hook for the nearly 3-minute-long song is, "Target, yeah, they targeting, Target, Target, yeah, they target kids." 

At one point in the video Trump's Nephew is seen holding three cases of Bud Light, though it is unclear if they were intending to buy it or not. 

"This is excellent! Thank you guys for speaking up," said @freedomspeech50 on Twitter. 

As the Target boycott enters its second week, conservatives are already celebrating their culture war victory as just this week Target said they'd be removing some of their Gay Pride collection from stores. 

Though despite what conservative commentator Charlie Kirk tweeted yesterday, the big box retailer has not lost 10 trillion dollars in revenue, at least not yet anyway. But if we get a few more videos like this, I don't see Target making it to the end of summer. 


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