Male Karen Calls Cops on Bikers, Changes His Tune Once They Show Up

This male Karen finds a few bikers parked on private property taking photos of a passing train and immediately flips his shit. The loud-mouthed, red-faced mother****** sporting an enormous, entirely on-brand mustache lashes out without missing a beat. “What the f*** is that doing up in there?” He points at their camera. “We’re taking pictures,” the bikers answer in earnest. He then hits them with a classic Karen line, almost as if scripted. “Who gave you permission?” The bikers had no clue they were trespassing. They agree to leave if what they’re doing is in fact illegal. This doesn’t stop him from calling the cops.

The bikers try to respond to the man in a calm manner, but he’s slinging curses, absolutely bursting with rage. He even snatches one of their helmets, refuses to give it back, and has the gall to play the victim on the phone with police when the bikers try to swipe it back from him. Textbook Karen manipulation. He blocks their way out, keeping them hostage while waiting for law enforcement to arrive.

When the cops finally arrive, it’s clear this isn’t his first rodeo. Our Karen becomes an entirely new man – civil, apologetic, even offering a handshake truce. If the last two minutes hadn’t all been caught on film you would’ve never believed it was the same dude. Give this man an oscar for his insane performance.
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