Man Takes His $20 Thrift Store Lamps on Antiques Roadshow and Can't Believe Their Appraisal

Don't ya just love Antiques Roadshow? We sure as hell do! There is nothing better than watching people find out that their old crap is actually worth something. Like this guy, who purchased these two lamps from a thrift store for $20. He simply bought them because he thought they looked cool. And after being told by a friend that he might have something of value, he decided to take his lamp on Antiques Roadshow only to find out that his lamps are actually Lisa Johansson-Pape lamps each carrying a value of 2-3 thousand dollars. You can tell he was shocked, he probably expected them to be a few hundred bucks at best and he ended up walking out with a few grand of value. Now that's what we call a come up.

So let this be a lesson that next time you're thinking about buying some old relic you never know what you might end up with.
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