Man Running Backward Down the Red Rocks Amphitheater Takes a Gnarly Tumble

"It's not how hard you fall! It's how you get back up!" 

That's the on-screen text over a video of some yahoo running full-speed backward down the amphitheater at Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado. And of course, the dude eats it flipping head over heels before getting up again and throwing his arms into the air in a roaring cheer. 

While we don't have all the context, for a video like this, we don't really need it. We know this guy's life is so chill, so easy that he needs to put himself in tough situations just so he can feel the smallest ounce of joy. 

You know the type. People who take cold showers, journal their productivity goals and willingly sign up for Tough Mudders. People who feel neutered and emasculated by the world. 

Don't feel bad for this guy, he sure doesn't feel bad for himself. 

@joostcamp The harder the fall, the stronger the rise! ✊ So what if we fall? So what if we fall hard? Eventually we get back up and look forward to another day! It’s even better when we get back up in style and show more resiliency. A big roar from Slavic was definitely refreshing to the audience ✊✊ I guess we still don’t know who makes it to their destination 1st lol. We will try again. #stairsprints #hardrun #athletics #foryou #theharderthefallthestrongertherise #fallandgetbackup ♬ original sound - Juste Mukiza
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