Absolute Unit Named "Grandpappy" Casually Eats a Smaller Gator

Planet Earth is teeming with life of all different types, shapes, and sizes. From the tiniest single-celled organism to the world's largest animal the Blue Whale, life has taken on a plethora of forms on this planet we call home. Most animals of the same species are pretty similar in color, size, typically have the same traits and characteristics. There are exceptions to that generality however, sometimes an animal can be two or three times larger than its counterparts. Obviously, depending on the animal, it can be quite a terrifying sight. For example, a butterfly that was triple the normal size wouldn't be too intimidating, but a snake, alligator, or bird of prey at that same scale would be absolutely terrifying.

Enter Florida wildlife. A recent video posted to Facebook shows an impressively large Central Florida alligator named "Grandpappy" letting everyone know that absolutely nothing, not even another alligator, will ruin mating season 2022. The huge gator casually strolls across the grass with his dinner in his mouth reminding everyone watching he's not to be messed with.
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