Meteorologist Interrupts Broadcast to Warn His Kids About Tornado

Washington meteorologist Doug Kammerer was closely tracking the path of a brewing tornado on-air when he realized that his own house -- with his kids in it -- was directly in the way of the storm's red zone. Urgently, but without panick, Kammerer -- while still on air -- immediately takes his his phone out of his pocket and calls his kids at home, telling them to get to a safer part of the house right away.

Kammerer maintained his cool but made it pretty clear to viewers and everyone else in the broadcast that, for him at least, family comes before work and the viewers could wait while he made sure his children were okay. He even jokes that they probably wouldn't have even known about the storm warning because they were likely too deep into a gaming sesh to realize that a massive tornado was potentially bearing down on their exact location.

Kudos to Kammerer for being a good dad while handling it with class and composure on air. You can tell he's worried but doesn't lose it either, calmly telling his kids to take shelter. By all accounts, Kammerer's home was spared by the onslaught of the tornado and everybody is safe.
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