Military Cosplayers Get Called Out By Real Airmen for Stolen Valor

TikTok influencers will do just about anything for 'clout' these days, including it would seem, making videos in tactical vests just one step removed from stolen valor. 

Chreesh, or Christian Kaiser, is the influencer in question here. Posing with two of his friends in sweatpants, slides, and vests, the trio filmed themselves pretending to act tough for the camera in a Shell gas station. "Like this video if we scare you," the caption reads.

Racking up 2.8 million views, it didn't take long for members of the actual military community to fire back. Dunbar, a real-world Chinook helicopter crew chief, dueted the video with one of his brothers-in-arms. That video has 13.8 million views, and commenters wasted no time in roasting the trio of teenagers. 

"My dog has the same harness," asensi8 said. "They bought them vests at the mall," SarahBFrance agreed.

"The 'I almost joined' people," Ryan Lusa commented. Plenty of viewers seconded that feeling. 

Military service and its sacrifice should never be taken lightly, especially not for internet clout. Nobody is scared of what Mark Bass790 aptly called, "Shell team 6."

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