MLB Approves Universal DH, but They Can Never Take Away Colón’s Home Run

The greatest play in baseball history will no longer be possible next season with the MLB approving a universal designated hitter.

In short, pitchers will no longer be batting and instead will be replaced by a designated hitter.

The rule change comes after years of pitchers having to bat in the National League, while American League teams used the DH. There has been quite a bit of debate surrounding a universal DH from both sides.

In general hitting isn't necessarily a pitcher's strong suit. But some have taken it as a badge of honor so to speak. Back in May of 2016 we got to see the most beautiful home run ever by one of the least likely pitchers, the one and only Bartolo Colón.

You're telling me you don't want to see this guy hit dingers all the while praying that he makes it around the bases without having a heart attack?? Give me a break.

I guess we'll just have to settle for watching super talented athletes legging out triples and sprinting down the first base line. Goodbye pitchers who rake...
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