Mosh Mom Goes Viral For Opening Up Pit at Limp Bizkit Show

Earlier this week, freelance Vice reporter Chris Bethell took to TikTok to share a clip from Limp Bizkit’s concert at London’s Wembley Arena on Monday, April 17.

“The final drop of Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff at Wembley Arena last night,” he captioned the video which has since garnered upwards of 132,000 likes.

Yet beyond the par-for-the-course sights and sounds likely typical of any of the nu metal group’s performances – a whole lot of shirtless white dudes, backward snapbacks, and some of the saddest moshing ever witnessed in all of human history – one element of Bethell’s video stood out: A badass older woman clad in nearly all denim hyping up the pit like no other. 

Quickly earning the nicknames “Mosh Mom,” “Woman in blue,” and various iterations of “Grammy,” several fans took to the comments to sound off on her adorable appearance.

“WHOS MOM IS IN THERE,” asked “@modelgoblin13, a sentiment echoed by fellow TikToker @trevvxo.

“Why meemaw in the pit,” they mused.

“Carol on a mad one,” quipped @mitchhookem, while @hinotorikiriko speculated just how stoked the mysterious blue lady was to be there. 

Shortly after his initial video went viral, Bethell took to TikTok with an update, proving that despite her unassuming appearance, she could tear up that goddamn pit. 

@christopherbethell The last drop of @Limp Bizkit ‘s song Break Stuff last night and the absolute scenes in one of the pits #limpbizkit #wembley #moshpit ♬ original sound - Chris Bethell

@christopherbethell Replying to @camila Bonus footage of everyone’s favourite woman in blue! @Ketley31 ♬ original sound - Chris Bethell
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