'MTV Pimped My Ride and I Hate My Car': Woman Exposes MTV's Awful Modifications

When Yaz Johnson announced that she was going to be on MTV's "Pimp My Ride," she probably thought they would do a better job than this.

In her original announcement video, Yaz seems excited to do the show, jokingly asking them to make her Ford Ka into a convertible. When she sees the result however, things are less than ideal. MTV includes a noisy exhaust and silly stickers against Yaz's wishes, and its T.V. and sewing machine additions seem less than useless. But the worst issue is a growing mold infestation taking over the car's interior.

It certainly looks like the mechanics at "Pimp My Ride" do not care about quality, and now Yaz is paying the price. At the very least they should cough up the funds to buy her a new car.
@yaz.johnsonn Replying to @Vicc_edser MTV pimped my ride and gave me a mouldy car with no sun visors, this is hell #mtvpimpmyride #pimpmyrideuk #pimpmyridechallenge #mouldycar ♬ original sound - Sage

In this video she describes the problem in more detail, and shows new wintery issues.
@yaz.johnsonn Replying to @Shavannah ♬ original sound - yazzie

Here is a promotional clip from the show.
@yaz.johnsonn Replying to @K E E K E E Oops, my ep went live in Sept! Spoiler alert: I didn’t love it #pimpmyrideuk ♬ original sound - yazzie
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