Newcastle Player Gets Pantsed During Live TV Coverage of Rugby Game

We all have had moments in life that were super awkward or embarrassing. Farting in front of a new boyfriend or girlfriend, getting too drunk and making a fool of yourself, or perhaps literally getting caught with your pants down. While these moments in life suck anyway, you can take some comfort and solace in the fact that these things happen to pretty much everyone at some point in their lives. Even celebrities and athletes aren't immune to these less than desirable moments.

Take David Klemmer of the Newcastle Knights for example. During a live TV broadcast of the rugby match between the Newcastle Knights and St. George Illawarra, Klemmer had an embarrassing moment when an opposing team member tries to tackle him and exposes his undies to the world. I'm not sure what is worse, getting pantsed on live tv, or wearing a pair of tighty whities-styled underwear with writing on it.

David Klemmer of the Newcastle Knights gets dacked

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