'There's Too Much Ketchup' Karen Slams Big Mac on to McDonalds Counter Because, She's on a Diet

This Karen looks like what you'd expect to see if you looked up "Karen" in the dictionary. Dressed in leggings, sunglasses, a red vest, and with a short bleached haircut, you better bet she asked to speak to the manager.

It seems that this Karen is upset about the amount of ketchup on her McDonald's burger, which she decides to illustrate by opening up the burger and smashing it down on the counter. She also proclaims that she is on a diet, something it would seem a little ridiculous for the McDonalds employees to know, especially considering that she is eating at what would be considered one of the least healthy joints you could possibly choose.

You better believe that this Karen is upset, which she proclaims loudly accompanied by the silliest hand gesture you'll ever see. Short of security being called, you can't ask for a more picture perfect Karen interaction.
@eviemwrites @Prince Bren970 just sent me this video of a rare Ketchup Karen in her natural habitat. #karensgoingwild #fyp ♬ original sound - Writing by Evie M.
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