Professional Traveler Reveals All of Her Hotel Safety Hacks

Bad news for those of us who take off our shoes, wash our hands, and belly flop onto the bed as soon as we step foot into a hotel – we’re doing it all wrong, just ask professional traveler and TikTok influencer, @flightattendantbaelee.

Earlier this month, @flightattendantbaelee took to TikTok to detail what she, as a flight attendant, does to keep herself safe while jetting across the globe, a process that includes one hell of a welcome tour to any hotel she’s staying at.

“I don’t care how many hotels I go to, I will never stop doing my hotel security search,” she commenced the clip, which has since amassed upwards of 877,000 likes, adding that she checks “everything and you already know that.”

And it seems @flightattendantbaelee’s sentiments are far from an understatement. From the moment she propped open the door with her suitcase, the search covers nearly every nook and cranny of the room, involving searching closets, beneath the bed, and even behind the curtains, enacting the sweep with a curtain per the advice of another flight attendant.

“As I said before, I’m a Black woman in America so yes, this is necessary,” she concluded her clip.

Hey, better safe than sorry. 

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