'Proud to Not Be an Oilers Fan': Oilers Fans Riot and Stampede Security to Join Watch Parties

Edmonton Oilers fans got a little too excited during their 4-2 playoff series win against the LA Kings. Hosting watch parties in and around Rogers Place Stadium, the Oilers were unable to contain their fans, who repeatedly pushed through barriers into areas that were already at capacity. 

An alarming video from April 29, along with numerous other incidents including stabbings and bitings, have prompted the Oilers to beef up security before their upcoming series against the Las Vegas Golden Knights. 

"There's some unacceptable things that happened and we need to nip that in the bud going forward," Edmonton Police Service Chief Dale McFee said. "If somebody is gonna go out of their way to harm somebody, they're gonna be dealt with accordingly and rapidly." 

"Proud to not be an Oilers fan," one person commented. "They honestly need to cancel events as soon as stuff like that happens," another person said. Beyond the behavior itself, many people were concerned for the safety of fans and security. "And this is how people get trampled," one person said. "Did we not learn anything from Astroworld?"

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