Punk Washes His 'Crust Pants' For First Time in 3 Years

Punk is alive and stinkier than ever – just ask TikTok’s resident punk influencer, @ciderpunk.

Earlier this month the English creator took the term “crust punk” to grimy new heights,  documenting the triennial event he (and probably everyone he has been within two feet of within the past 2.75 odd years) has been waiting for – the ceremonial washing of his punk pants.

“Washing my crust pants after 3 years of wearing every day,” he captioned his viral clip before theatrically taking a whiff of his very unwashed black trousers, ones so dirty they appeared to stand entirely on their own, before elaborating on the occasion behind this chore.

“I spilled a bin on it and it soaked them in moldy beer,” he elaborated while preparing the bathtub for their soak. Within five minutes, the water was dark beige. Within 30, it was bog brown, a progression that naturally, disgusted nearly all 19,000 commenters.

“Don’t watch this hungover bc I actually threw up,” warned @sydrice_.

I don’t know what punk needs to hear this, but let this be your sign – wash your goddamn crust pants, you walking biohazards. 

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