Rebel Wilson's Joke About Will and Jada Was Way More Savage than Chris Rock's

In the fallout of the Oscar slap heard around the world, a lot has been made about Chris Rock's joke and the fact that it was, as far as roasts go, pretty f**kin tame. The general consensus is that Will Smith standing up, striding across the stage during a live telecast watched by millions and smacking Rock in the face was an almost unreal overreaction.

But especially when you compare Rock's joke to the absolutely actually savage joke that aussie comedian Revel Wilson cracked at the BAFTAs. We won't spoil the joke for you, but suffice to say it was a heck of a lot more brutal than Rock's joke about G.I Jane 2. And a better joke, too, if we're being totally honest.

You go ahead and be the judge. But it really does force one to wonder what was going through Rock's mind then. If Wilson had been another dude, would Smith have walked across the stage and smacked the sh*t out of her too? It's impossible to know. All we can do, really, is appreciate the savagery.
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