Crazy Red Bull Stunt Ends in Plane Crash

The FAA is investigating a Red Bull stunt gone wrong, where two pilots and cousins, Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington, attempted to swap planes mid flight, skydiving from one to the other. Click here to see the news report on the attempt.

During the stunt, which was live streamed on Hulu, one plane spiraled out of control while pilot-less, leaving its new pilot no choice but to parachute to the ground. Amazingly, the second pilot and plane completed the stunt without issue and landed safely. The lost plane auto-deployed a tail parachute, allowing it to crash less dangerously, and nobody was harmed during the attempt.

The stunt is now facing scrutiny by the FAA after Red Bull was apparently not granted permission to proceed, despite claiming that they have a close working relationship with the FAA on all their arial projects. Both men could also find themselves without pilot licenses. Ultimately, it would appear to me that every safety precaution was considered, and despite the failure the attempt was worth the effort. I hope that the men don't find themselves without the ability to keep doing what they love because of Red Bull's communication errors.
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