‘Tropic Thunder’ Movie Trailer Parodies Still Just as Funny Today

'Tropic Thunder' was only released 14 years ago, and it's already become a cult classic.

No spoilers for those who have never seen the movie (WHAT??) as the trailers happen at the very beginning of the film. Long story short 'Tropic Thunder' follows a group of actors working on Vietnam era war movie.

The film itself was at the center of some controversy with Robert Downey Jr. dawning blackface as his character, Kirk Lazarus. Robert Downey Jr. was even nominated for best supporting actor for his performance in the film (eventually losing to Heath Ledger's Joker.)

All of that aside, the film opens with some incredibly accurate parodies of movie trailers from the 2000's. We get a glimpse at Ben Stiller's action star meat-head character, Tugg Speedman in 'Scorcher 6: Global Meltdown.' Think 'Die Hard' meets 'Cliffhanger.'

We then meet Jeff Portnoy - played by Jack Black - in a 'Big Momma's House' style fart film, 'The Fatties: Fart 2.'

And last but certainly not least we meet Kirk Lazarus in the homoerotic thriller 'Satan's Alley.' Our dude Tobey Maguire even makes a quick cameo. What now seems like something right out the MCU, still remains one of the funniest parts of the movie.

The sad part is, I probably would've watched any 3 of these movies had they been real.

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