Road Raging Idiot Humbled By Car Window after Punching it 11 Times

Road rage incidents very rarely end without one party thoroughly embarrassing themselves in some way

Tyler Crawford was minding his own business in an Amherst, Ohio Target parking lot when one such incident occurred, courtesy of a Canadian tourist. It turns out, they're not always very nice. 

Crawford posted about the encounter on Facebook, revealing that a man with Canadian plates had thrown something at him, and side-swiped his car while towing a trailer. He also asked for help identifying the man.

"We pulled into the same parking spot at Target as he was turning around with the truck and trailer,” Crawford wrote. "He threw something at my car. I stopped to look at him, and he pulled out and sideswiped my car."

It was then that the man jumped from his truck and proceeded to punch Crawford's window 11 times, all to no avail. 

"Bro has pillows for fists," @HBAcrypto commented. 

Viewers couldn't decide if the weak punches or the strong Toyota window were more noteworthy. According to an update on Crawford's Facebook, the man has been identified and is being investigated by the police. 

Another day, another road rager makes a fool of themselves. 

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