Rookie Steph Curry Predicts Next Decade of Career, IS Humble AF

Steph Curry is a household name today, but once upon a time, he was just a fresh-faced rookie

Son of former NBA player Dell Curry (and older brother of current player Seth Curry), Steph Curry started turning heads almost immediately as a rookie draft pick for Golden State, winning several conference awards and being named runner-up for Rookie of the Year. He has since gone on to win multiple championships and MVP awards with the Warriors, establishing himself as one of the greatest point guards and shooters of all time.

This video was shot in 2010, and Steph was already established as a highly talented prospect by then, but his humility is on full display as he says he just hopes he'll still be playing in the league 10 years down the line. Perhaps even he couldn't have imagined his life as an icon who's almost synonymous with the game of basketball, a global superstar, and a benchmark of what success in the sport looks like.
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