Terrifying Footage of a Russian Missile Slamming Into a Civilian Highrise Building

The conflict in Europe between Russia and Ukraine continues to drag on and even escalate. There have been tons of videos of the attacks initiated by Russia on the people of Ukraine, some of them verging on (if not definitely are) war crimes. Yesterday in the City of Kyiv, this footage of a rocket or missile was recorded by citizens and residents from multiple angles, including inside the targeted dwelling. The harrowing footage shows what appears to be a type of munition believed to be Russian in origin. The attack absolutely destroyed part of a Kyiv high-rise apartment building on Feb. 26, 2022.

It isn't very clear why Russia has been hitting civilian and residential targets in areas across Ukraine, but this clearly isn't a military or political target. Multiple videos of Russian strikes on civilian targets have surfaced over the course of their current invasion of Ukraine. We can only hope this conflict can be resolved before more innocent lives are lost.
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