Sandy Hook Survivor Talks about Living Through the MSU Shooting

The tragedy of Sandy Hook feels like yesterday. It's hard to believe that Sandy Hook students are now in college, but It's even harder to believe that they're still experiencing school shootings. Over 10 years after surviving Sandy Hook, Michigan State University student Jackie Matthews has now lived through a second school shooting.

In a somber video posted to her TikTok, the 21 year old begs for change. Her caption reads, "Enough is Enough. I hope you stand with me in putting an end to this horrific epidemic of gun violence." Jackie states that it is 1am, and she is directly across from where the Michigan State shooting took place. She goes on to describe her Sandy Hook experience, crouching in a classroom for so long that she suffered a back injury. "The fact that this is the second mass shooting that I have now lived through, is incomprehensible," she says. "We can no just longer provide love and prayers. It needs to be legislation, it needs to be action."

The Michigan State University shooting killed three students, and injured five more. The Sandy Hook shooting killed 26, including 20 children.
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