Satisfying Restoration of an Italian Rifle that was Stuck in the Wall for 80 Years

The world is full of millions of things that have fallen victim to Father Time. From vehicles to weapons, antiques to artwork, keeping an item from becoming dilapidated and falling apart requires a dedicated routine of care and preventative maintenance. Sometimes things that seem like an old rusty hunk of junk can be brought back to life with the right techniques and skills in restoration. If you have ever seen shows like American Pickers, or American Restoration you're probably familiar with various steps in the process.

In this video, the uploader is restoring an Italian Carcano model 91/41 military rifle, that was found hidden inside a partition wall in a house that is being renovated. The process of bluing conservation, rust bluing, and refinishing a rifle stock are just a few of the steps he uses in this satisfying and very informative clip as he explains some of the various steps and procedures in the process of making this gun look almost brand new again.
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