India Scam Call Center Sent 100 Roaches

The mastermind behind the infamous glitter bomb prank is back with another masterclass in trolling. This time he set his sights on a much-loathed group of professional scam callers.

If you don't know Mark Rober by name we can guarantee you've seen his content before. He's the guy who left wallets in cities across the U.S to test which cities were the most honest. Or maybe you've seen the squirrel obstacle course he set up in his backyard?

Well in his newest video he's going after something we can all get behind, trolling scam call centers. If you're not familiar with scam call centers, they're places that prey on unwitting people and oftentimes scam them for their entire life savings. Needless to say, these types of fronts are the very worst of the worst. And it is with great that Mark Rober gives these scammers a piece of their own medicine.

And if you're with law enforcement or are a member of the media, you can reach out to for the entire packet of information Mark collected on these groups.
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