School Bus Driver Facing Child Abuse Charges after Break Checking Kids to Make Them Sit Still

61-year-old Colorado substitute school bus driver Brian Fitzgerald was charged with 30 misdemeanor counts of child abuse, after stopping hard from 9mph in an attempt to teach students why they should sit in their seats properly. 

"Do you guys want to see how dangerous that is?" he can be heard asking over the intercom. "That's why you need to be in your seat. Turn around and sit down properly." Parents were unhappy, and Fitzgerald was fired after the incident. "He was out of breath, and red-faced, and absolutely sobbing," one mother said about her son. "He was terrified."

But while the school and the law are treating this situation seriously, not everybody sees it that way. "Teach your children to behave!" one Twitter user commented. "This was barely a tap at 9 mph! You’re being RIDICULOUS!" Other people agreed. "This type of overprotective ideology is exactly why kids are so soft these days."  But no matter your thoughts on the incident, Fitzgerald is facing real consequences and will appear in court next month. As this commenter said, "If someone doesn’t have the patience to work with children then they have no business working with them."

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