Self-Defense Instructor Dale Brown Offers Tips For People Getting Jumped in the Bathroom at LA Fitness

Last week, rapper Tekashi 69 was jumped in the bathroom of an LA Fitness. His attackers filmed the incident, and 69 left the encounter bruised and bloodied. But if you're worried about safety the next time you're in an LA Fitness bathroom, fear not, because self-defense instructor Dale Brown is here to offer some tips.

Dale Brown is a former Army paratrooper and a licensed private investigator, as well as the founder of the Detroit Urban Survival Training, or D.U.S.T. With D.U.S.T., he teaches students how to "be your own bodyguard," using "non-violence and through the use of deterrence, detection, and defense strategies.” While Brown's self-defense school is real, as well as his successful private security company Detroit Threat Management Center, his videos have been criticized by many people, including professional fighters like former UFC champion Bas Rutten. Posted to his YouTube page, many of Brown's self-defense clips are laughable, especially for someone of his supposed expertise. While he won't admit it, they're almost certainly an intentional parody of the self-defense genre.

So while Dale Brown might really know how to defend himself in the bathroom of an LA Fitness, maybe you shouldn't take the advice in his video too seriously.
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