Dispensary Clerk Defeats Mace-Wielding Thieves Using Gigantic Glass Bong

A shopkeeper in Ontario managed to defend his dispensary against a trio of robbers using only his wits, quick reflexes and one gigantic glass bong.

On September 06, 2018, a gang of would-be robbers barged into the doors of the Recreational Cannabis Farmer's Market dispensary in Shannonville, Ontario armed with a can of bear-mace. After spraying down the clerk and his wife, who also works at the dispensary, they were met with "great resistance" -- as the police described it -- by the owner, Joshua Lewis-Brant.

Speaking to the National Post, Brant says he acted purely out of instinct when he realized there was no way to escape, ducking below the counter and grabbing the first thing that came to view. What followed was a semi-hilarious back and forth dance in which Joshua learns that the thieves had, by emptying the bear mace, already played their hand.

Joshua, his wife and their small chihuahua who is hiding under the counter during all of this were taken to the hospital afterward and treated for the mace but were otherwise okay.
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