Garrett Hill's Coffee Slam is Still One of the Best Skateboarding Fails Six Years Later

Six years ago, skateboarder Garrett Hill graced us with one of the most epic falls of all time. He was bringing back a bunch of coffees for the crew during an afternoon skate session. As he's rolling up with them he's the happiest person on earth. He yells out "Got the coffayyss," and then boom. One tiny pebble ruined this man's day. He not only lost the coffee, but also his glasses, headband, and his cool.
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Many people have thought this was fake or somehow staged because of how perfectly timed everything is. I mean, how did the camera capture him at that exact moment? Well, it was all just one hilarious and absolutely perfect coincidence.

"I get that, I get why people would think that this was staged. Because there are just some moments that happen where you're like, this is just too good to be true."

He recently went was a guest the Nine Club with Chris Roberts YouTube show to talk about that fateful day.

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