Soulless Star Wars Fans Shamelessly Attack Mark Hamill For Autographs

Mark Hamill had just finished giving a speech at Carrie Fisher's posthumous Star unveiling ceremony at the Hollywood Walk of Fame when he was hounded by fans for autographs. Video of the incident left many people outraged on behalf of the actor, and others praised Hamill for remaining calm throughout.

While sitting in the back of a black SUV, Hamill was harassed by fans shoving memorabilia through his open window. Despite the hectic energy, he remained calm and signed multiple items before being accidentally hit in the neck. Just hours later, many of those items appeared online for sale. 

"He had just given a very emotional speech about one of his closest friends who is no longer with us," @phan2187 commented, and then to be harassed by 'fans' is seriously disgusting."

"They're not fans," @jennifer_philp said. "They're grifters. Fans wouldn't have harassed him and most certainly wouldn't have sold their signed items immediately."

Hamill re-shared the video himself, adding the caption, "#TheDownsideOfCelebrity." The Star Wars fanbase can be infamously toxic, but calling any of these harassers fans would be disrespectful to what being a fan means. Real Star Wars fans will continue to admire Mark Hamill with proper space and respect. 

"His kindness and compassion is unmatched," @skywalkuzzy said. "I despise and fear those who take advantage of it."

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