Stoner Rips Seth Rogan’s $300 Table Car Lighter to Shreds in Brutal Review

After buying Seth Rogen's Houseplant table Car Lighter, the stoner goherehigh decided to give it a short review on TikTok. Despite liking its aesthetic, he thought the $300 green box left a bit to be desired.

"It's got like this nostalgic car vibe which I definitely like so I got it," he said, "and I also like Seth Rogey." But there was one big problem. "There's a giant wire that comes out of it, like I thought it was obviously going to be something I could like put on a coffee table." He went on to state that the object is large enough to store its own power, and with its box like aesthetic, definitely seems more suited on a table than next to an outlet.

"I don't like Seth Rogen enough to get fleeced for 3 huddy," one person commented. "Bro really paid $300 for a cig lighter." Other comments indicate that the cord is not shown in advertising. While this is true for the main image on the Houseplant website, there are other pictures, a video, and product description that all include the wire. Seth Rogen's car lighter might not be super bad, but it's definitely a little bad.
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