That Time an Astronaut Smuggled a Gorilla Suit Aboard the ISS, Gave Other Astronauts Nightmares

Back in 2016, US astronaut Scott Kelly's brother, fellow astronaut Mark Kelly, thought it would be funny to send Scott a vacuum-packed gorilla suit inside his small allotment for 'personal items.' Captured on video is UK astronaut, Tim Peake, logging a parcel without any idea that Kelly, already dressed in the gorilla suit, is literally inside.

What follows is something like a Kubrick-directed fever dream for Tim Peake, as moments later Kelly bursts from the box and starts chasing Peake around in zero-g -- certainly one of the funniest, most WTF moments to take place inside the ISS.

After the story first went viral a few years ago, many were up-in-arms about what they deemed "wasted resources" on putting the gorilla suit into space -- considering the entire venture is paid with tax-dollars and rocket fuel ain't cheap -- to which Kelly and others responded by pointing out that astronauts are given a small allotment of personal items and the fact that the gorilla suit, vacuum dried, takes up very little space and weights only 1.5kg (3.3lbs).
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