The Assassin's Teapot

This ingenious teapot uses simple physics and an incredibly subtle mechanism to control which of two different liquids pours out of the spout.
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According to Redditor Ajblue, here's how it all works:

"Yes the reason why water flows through a spout is because there is a second hole in the back where air can come in and push the water out of the container. If there are no external forces but gravity working on a liquid there is a high chance that the molecular bonds will be able to resist the gravity trying to pull it out of a spout. Also it is important that air can't get past the liquid through the main spout. So this teapots spout has the equivalent of 2 straws branching out from the main hole, and the spouts much maintain a thin strawlike tunnel all the way down to the base of each reservoir. The connection of the straw and reservoir happens at the bottom of each to decrease the possibility of air being able to get past the water in the straws. Air is lighter than liquid so any air trapped in the back of the reservoir before putting your finger over the hole will always stay separated and not force the water out of the container.

This is one of the main principles at work in diving bells, where they trapped air underwater in a big metal bell. To fill the bells with more water they had heavy barrels with a hole on the bottom to let water in, as the barrel sank water would trap the air in the barrel compressing it naturally as it sank. On the top of the barrel there was a hose that hung on the outside, as long as the end of the hose was lower than the barrels hole that let water in, the air would remain trapped. Then they would raise the hose up and into the diving bell allowing for the barrels compressed air to transfer into the diving bell. Oh and they also had a valve on the top of the diving bell to release "hot" air, aka the CO2 byproduct from the divers breathing.
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