'There's No Sleight of Hand': The Glizzy Gobbler Is Back At It Again

The Glizzy Gobbler is back. Thanks to @gennabradley5 for capturing his hot dog-eating (slurping) tricks, here is a ten-second video that belongs in the Smithsonian. The Gobbler sucks down bun-less glizzies, nearly smashing a whole pack in seconds.

Though some people think the Glizzy Gobbler is a fruad, using sleight of hand to trick his loyal fans. In the “part 2” video, he stands shirtless and announces “It’s your boi glizzy gobbler, I’m back at it again slurping hotdogs in my parent’s driveway” to prove it’s real.

The Glizzy Gobbler doesn’t have a social media presence of his own, and his name isn’t revealed in his videos, which has only made the legend of the Glizzy Gobbler more mysterious. Genna teased a future collab with the gobbler by commenting “Gonna try to get him to do foot longs at the next party, stay tuned.

Concerned viewers ask about how the hot dogs get digested and he is often asked “Is [it] painful?,” (sucking down all those glizzies) to which he responds, “Not at all sweetheart.”

Worries about how the hotdogs hit his system can be put at ease, according to Genna, she “asked that too. He said there are no issues there..” 

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