The Greatest Same Shirt Prank of All Time: Over 40 Dads Nailed at 8th Grade Graduation

If your wife bought a shirt and told you to wear it, would you do it?

Even if you just answered no, I bet you've followed directions from your significant other without questioning them. Being a creature of low resistance is often necessary to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. But while attending an 8th-grade graduation, over 40 wives convinced their husbands to wear the same ugly purple polo, in the greatest same-shirt prank of all time. 

"Proof moms get things done lol," Mary commented. 

"I seriously had no idea how many men don't dress, until this trend started!" ginaoliver.basketabel said. 

TikTok is known for its pranks, like the "you forgot your phone text" gag we wrote about last month. But the same shirt prank is one of the app's funniest and harmless practical jokes and has been popular among groups of spouses for over a year. But this edition, as published on TikTok by Jolee Windnagle, is by far the biggest we've ever seen pulled off. 

Note to men everywhere: If your partner makes you buy a shirt and wear it to a group event, you might want to text your buddy and see if he's wearing it too. 

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