Apollo 10 Crew's Floating Turd Incident

The Apollo 10 Mission was launched on May 18th, 1969, and lasted through May 26th. It was the fourth crewed mission of the Apollo program and the second to orbit the moon. NASA described it as a "dress rehearsal" for the first Moon landing and was intended to test all spacecraft components and procedures short of actual descent and landing. Astronaut John Young, Thomas Stafford, and Gene Cernan were the crew of the mission and after orbiting the Moon 31 times, Apollo 10 returned safely to Earth; its success enabled the first crewed landing during Apollo 11 two months later.

Space is truly the last frontier and along with it come many problems and tricky situations that must be thought out and solutions developed for it to be successful. Dropping a deuce in space can be challenging as the crew of the Apollo 10 mission found out the smelly way. One of the astronauts didn't properly seal the waste bag he was using and the result was probably the first ever human turd floating in space.
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